Ron Levin Camp Chi Summers of Tomorrow Fund

The Summers of Tomorrow Fund was established in honor of Director Ron Levin’s 36th summer at Camp Chi. Initial proceeds provided scholarship funds for nearly 100 campers, realized a 100-camper fire circle and new aerial adventure course, and established Chi’s first reserve fund.

Today, annual contributions provide support for program and facilities, scholarship and the future of Camp Chi.  To be part of tomorrow’s summers, make a gift today.

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Alumni Committee

Interested in reaching out to old camp friends to tell stories and make connections? Contact Susan Eiseman to join the other 2,000+ alumni who get updates on events and other Camp Chi happenings.

Committee Members:

Lauren Schmidt, Co-Chair
Jordan Sheiner, Co-Chair

Samantha Barron
Lauren Nachinson Beslow
Teri Chamlin
Susan Gilman Eiseman
Jessica Levin Fenton
Melissa Keene Gilman
Joe Hakimian
David Kohn
Jackie Levin

Melissa Levin
Steven Markowitz
Ashley O'Brien
EJ Hoefler Oelling
Jen Phillips
Ashley Decker Portman
Liz Robbin
Erin Ross
Carrie Ross
Josh Sanderman
Lisa Sheridan Tarshis
Michael Waitz