Junior Counselors 2015

Posted March 24, 2015 by
We are so excited to have such an outstanding group of Junior Counselors this summer. We know that you’ll be excited to have your SITs from last summer as counselors this year along with a few new faces.
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A Snapshot of Shabbat

Posted March 20, 2015 by
vicki “Hey Camp Chi, what do horses eat?” If you don’t have an answer to this question, you probably haven’t experienced a Shabbat at camp before. With camp feeling so far away, it’s easy to get lost
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Registration Update – March 2015

Posted March 18, 2015 by

Just when we think that registration has slowed, we get another wave of new and returning campers signing up for summer 2015. We want to let you the latest information about which sessions have filled and where there are just a few spaces remaining.

Traditional Sessions with Less than 5 Spaces Remaining

Shoreshim Girls | 4th-5th grades | Session 2
Shoreshim Boys | 4th-5th grades | Session 2 Two spaces remaining!
Tsofim Girls | 6th grade | Sessions 1A & Session 2
updateChalutzim Girls | 7th grade | Sessions 1A & 1B
Chalutzim Boys | 7th grade | Sessions 1A & 1B
Habo Girls | 8th grade | Session 1A & Session 2
SIT Boys | 11th grade | Full Summer One space remaining!

Short Sessions with Less than 5 Spaces Remaining

Yeladim A Boys | 4th-5th grades
Kadima B Girls | 6th-7th grades One space remaining!

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Final Four Frenzy 2015

Posted March 16, 2015 by
It’s March, the season for the NCAA basketball tournament. Are you ready to get in on all of the March Madness fun?!?! All you have to do is select which four college men's basketball teams will be playing in the Final Four starting on April 4.
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Once in a Lifetime

Posted March 9, 2015 by

It’s not often that you are present somewhere and know that it is a once in a lifetime experience. Saturday night’s Double Chai for Chi was one of those moments for Camp Chi alumni, parents, staff and friends.

The event felt much like the first day and last day of camp all wrapped into one with a little Shabbat thrown in the mix. If you closed your eyes and listened as people were arriving, it sounded as if we were outside the dining hall at camp on arrival day. There were shrieks and cheers as guests greeted friends, some of whom they hadn’t seen in decades and others who are still a part of their daily lives. Throughout the night, people laughed and reminisced about summers spent in Lake Delton in a similar way that campers do on the last night of camp while sitting on the cabin floor or at a fire circle.

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