Summer ’15 by the Numbers

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When you add it all up, summer 2015 may be the best summer yet. Many of you have already told us this. When you break down some of the numbers, it’s hard to deny that this summer’s 58 days of Camp Chi were truly outstanding.

Here’s a sampling of just some of the numbers (from biggest to smallest) that make this summer stand out above the rest.

13,507  photos posted

4,602  miles traveled on PNW

2,962  Hershey bars used for s’mores

2,006  coins hidden for Gold Rush

1,532  campers, staff, directors, visitors and guests attended Water Park Days

222  gallons of tomato soup made for grilled cheese lunches on Sundays

206  garlands made for Flowers for Nepal

126  falafels eaten on our Israel Trip

101  birthdays celebrated

94  shmearls given in Noar

84  unique activities offered as specialties

63  original songs produced at Rockstars

55  Israeli campers plus 35 Legacy campers

49  recipients of the Ruach Award

42  hours SITs volunteered at Habitat for Humanity

40  pairs of Chuck Taylor shoes brought to camp by Chuck Kahalnik

31  names added to the 7 Year Camper plaque

23  pool parties

22  horses housed at our stables

19  countries represented by campers and staff

6lbs 4oz  of pop tabs donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities

4  outrageous colors of hair on Llyod’s head

2  Chi Burnings

1  awesome summer!

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Making a Difference, One Lollipop at a Time

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In the spring before moving to camp, Ron became fascinated by Ted Talks.  He had Brad, Ashley and me watching video after video; each one seeming to spark a new idea for how to approach staff training. His interest eventually spilled over to become mine, and I embarked on a search to find the TED Talks most relevant to working with kids with some applicability to overnight camp. In this search, I came across a TEDx Talk by Drew Dudley called Everyday Leadership, but is informally known as the “Leading with Lollipops Video.” Leadership using candy sounded like something I could support.

There are many messages that can be taken from Mr. Dudley’s talk, but the one that stood out to me, and became the foundation of this summer’s staff training, was the idea that anyone can be a leader because we all have the power to make a difference in someone else’s life.

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Never Grow Up. Not Me.

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One of my favorite things to do at camp is ask campers how old they think I am. Whether it is Shoreshim or Noar campers, I get guesses from 16 to about 40 (the ones who guess older than 40 are usually just trying to get under my skin). That can mean one of two things: either I have a very age ambiguous face, or our campers have no sense of aging. Regardless, the guesses always amuse me.

Recently, while watching the camp play, Peter Pan, I was struck by the song “Never Gonna Grow Up.” The title sums it all up; the characters cheer, sing, and dance about how they will never grow up, stay young forever, and the whole idea of Neverland. It made me think of all the history classes I sat through learning about the search for the Fountain of Youth.

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Home is Where Shabbat Is

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When people ask me why I come back every year to Camp Chi, I always find it hard to explain. We call it the magic, the IT, there is something that makes me want to belong to this community forever. Thinking more and more about it, I think one of the best moments in camp is the Friday night services.

I still remember my first Shabbat experience 4 years ago. Dressing up nicely and coming together as a community and walking down together to the amphitheater already set a very special atmosphere. Being able to sit with your friends and camp family after a long week reflecting on everything that happened is such a magical feeling. It is time to rest, time to step back and look at everything that is happening from a different point of view. One of my favorite T-shirts of camp is the one that says on the back,

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Behind the Scenes

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office shot

I am not known by many campers. People don’t recognize me when we are out back home as one of the Camp Chi full time staff. I do not come to families’ homes or camp presentations to help new campers learn about camp. I am usually not on the staff recruiting trips helping to find all our wonderful summer staff.

But, I probably know the most about our campers, staff and programs!

My role as the Business Manager for Camp Chi is not the traditional camp staff job. I can tell you who has a summer birthday, what bus a camper is on to travel home, how many 6th grade girls attend a specific school, and even which vendors need to be paid.  I have been working for Camp Chi full time since 2000, but still have never played a game of gaga with a cabin.

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