Turn, Turn, Turn

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There is a famous song by Pete Seger that is oddly reminiscent of the High Holiday literature; it is called Turn, Turn, Turn. It states, “To everything, there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven…a time to plant, a time to reap…Turn, turn, turn.” It is a song that connects us to our past, the natural world and to the holiday of Sukkot, which symbolizes both.

So in the spirit of music and humoring me, let’s turn back our mental time clocks to a place and space before cell phones and calendars. In doing so we are forced to imagine a time without – *gasp* – technology. It makes you wonder, how did people live back then? How did they keep track of what they needed to and when they needed to do it? The answer is simple, through nature.  Nature,

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CTC is the Place to Be

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Growing up at Chi for many years, one of the best things that I have been a part of is Chi Town Connection, or CTC. CTC is Camp Chi’s very own youth group. It offered me one of my first leadership opportunities, and helped me grow into the person I am today. Not only that, but CTC gave me away to stay in touch with a camp community that was located away from my home town, and also gave me many experiences I otherwise never would have gotten. Because of this, I truly believe in what CTC does, and could not be more excited to lead it this year.

Open to all Chi 8th graders through SITs, and their friends, Chi Town Connection is a way for teens to stay in touch with their camp friends year round. Throughout the year CTC hosts a number of reunions and retreats,

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October News from the Chi Family

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It’s been months and months since we’ve shared news about what’s happening with your favorite Chi peeps. So much has happened since the beginning of June. Good things are happening all over the Chi community. Check them out.

On a recent trip to University of Illinois, Joah Weissman got to see Matt Lampert. Such a fun mini-reunion.

In addition to her new job at Lurie Children’s Hospital, Anna Browar is also the Coordinator for the Keshet Junior Board, which includes many Chi alums.

Welcome to the SIT Class of 2032:

Layla Paige, daughter of Stacey Heller Teplinsky and Dave Teplinsky
Riley Eve, daughter of Arielle Turner Gavin
Oliver Samuel, son of Susan Gilman Eiseman
Eden Meital, daughter of Melissa Keene Gilman
Landen, daughter of Lindsey Goncales Martin
Asher Daniel, son of Emily Davenport
Levi Dylan, son of Ross Edwards
Haley Liat,

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The First Steps

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The summer of 1992 is when it all began for me.  If not for that summer, I may not be at Camp Chi today.  I was not at Camp Chi, and I wasn’t even living in Chicago then, so it has nothing to do with Brad Finkel being an SIT that year.  The summer of 1992 is when I  took my first steps to on my camp journey.  I took my first steps onto  the bus. I  looked around nervous and excited as many campers do on the first day.  One big thing was different though.  For me it was a school bus taking me to day camp.  For the next eighteen years, I attended that same day camp, ten years as a camper, and eight as a staff member.  When most of my friends were going to overnight camp, my parents asked if I wanted to go, and when I said no,

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Off to an Amazing Start

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Registration for summer 2017 is off to a marvelous start! If we keep going at this pace, we will be full before 2017 even starts! This is clearly a sign that our campers had an incredible summer in 2016. A few years ago, a tradition was born on Winkle’s Blog of posting the first 18 campers to register for the upcoming summer. Now we build on this tradition by sharing not only the first 18 campers signed up, but the first 18 new and 18 returning campers. We decided to do it again! Give a big round of applause to these campers…

Want to see your name on the next list? Then don’t forget to register today! If you register on or before October 31, you’ll also get a cozy, limited edition, Camp Chi hoodie!

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