A Decade of Camp

Posted May 27, 2016 by

Twelve summers ago, I was a nervous 9-year-old going to overnight camp for the first time. I had been going to day camp for many years, but always dreamed of going to overnight camp. My first summer at Camp Chi was amazing. I made new friends, tried water skiing for the first time, made it to the top of the rock-climbing wall and even cried on the last night because I did not want to leave camp. I anxiously waited all year for my next summer at Chi. Unfortunately, a week before camp I broke my leg. At first, my parents and I thought there was no way I could go to overnight camp with a broken leg. However, the Camp Chi staff encouraged me to come back saying the summer would still be a lot fun. I was able to make more friends and became really good at arts and crafts.

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What a Unique Journey It’s Been

Posted May 25, 2016 by

I’m so excited to spend another summer working at a camp in the United States. Having been an integral part of my life over the span of six years, camp has provided me with life long friends and taught me things I’ve been able to adapt to every day life.

nikkikirbyMy first day at Chi consisted of being welcomed by  the phenomenal team that make Chi what it is today. Never did I expect to have landed on my feet where I have now, with the friends I’ve made and the rare opportunities I’ve been grateful to experience in this special place. I’ve had the privilege of being apart of more than one area of camp and soon to be three, by participating and leading the PNW trip this year.

I joined the Chi family in 2014 as a Pool specialist, sharing the summer with an incredible bunch of people.

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All the World’s a Stage

Posted May 19, 2016 by

Lights! Camera! Action! Announcing the 2016 all-camp play!

We are continuing the trend of doing an original performance. This year we will put on a performance of Wunderland! Wunderland is an original adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. Our production is being written and choreographed by our amazingly talented staff, Joseph Singer, Amy Wood and Ryan Murray.

We hope that as many campers as possible will participate in this exciting production during first and second sessions. Everyone who tries out gets a part. We are looking for actors, singers, dancers, crew members, set designers and more.

Campers, staff and alumni have great memories of camp plays from the past. What were some of your favorite productions? Answer below or on our Facebook page.

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Meet the 2016 Shlichim

Posted May 12, 2016 by

Israel is 68 years old and she’s never looked better! In honor of Israel’s Day of Independence, Camp Chi has not one, but TWO great things to share with you today! First, is this video of 68 things you may, or may not know about Israel.

That’s not all though! We’ve released our list of returning counselors, our list of JCs, and our list of returning specialists, but now it is time to introduce you to our amazing group of Israeli staff that will be joining us at camp this summer! We give you Alon, Tslil, Rea, Tal, and Yahel!

Alon Krass

Where you live: Katzir wich, is a small village in ISRAEL
What are your hobbies: snowboarding, diving, hiking and traveling.
Fun Facts about yourself: I’m 24 years old, I have two younger brothers and a dog that I love
Something you are looking forward to about camp: I expect this summer to be a unique experience,

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Alumni Spotlight: Mike Danenberg

Posted May 8, 2016 by

Across the country and around the world, Chi alums keep the flame burning. For our first, Alumni Spotlight, we are featuring Mike Danenberg, Los Angeles photographer extraordinaire.

How did you get into the photography business? What was your career path?
I bought my first DSLR camera after I graduated college. My intentions of buying the camera were to document a band that I was managing at the time. We needed photos and videos to use for social media content and I was willing to learn how to use a professional camera. Once I started taking photos at their concerts, it became something that I really enjoyed. I actually booked them to play at Chi one summer; I believe in 2011 where they performed in the Amphitheater for one of the units. While managing some artists, I also found time to reach out to bands to see if I were able to come out and take some photos at their shows.

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