A Life Journey of Inclusion

Posted February 11, 2016 by

This is the second blog post in the our series for Jewish Disability and Inclusion Awareness Month. Danny shares his perspective on being a camper and staff member at Camp Chi, which has had a significant impact for him (and others) that extends beyond the camp months. 

Nine years ago, I anxiously stepped onto a coach bus and began an unexpected life journey at Camp Chi. I was unaware of the incredible impact camp staff would have on me, shaping the responsible, caring and hard-working person I strive to be today. Staff were my role models, representing core values I believe in, like community service, leadership and team spirit. They show how to be accepting of others and celebrate others’ differences, particularly through our unique inclusion program that has campers with disabilities share our cabins.

dannygrossInclusion at Camp Chi has had a profound impact on me.

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Soaring to New Heights in 2016

Posted February 8, 2016 by
Ropes 2_700x254 Campers will be getting a bird’s eye view of Camp Chi this summer with out new Aerial Adventure Park!


Since November, a team of specially trained engineers has been building an awesome aerial course that extends over the ravine separating Camp Chi and the Perlstein Resort. The Aerial Adventure Park is a self-guided course that contains challenge elements and zip lines through the forest. The park has three main areas:

13 element high route
~Includes two ziplines, bridges, swinging logs, rope traverse, floating islands, cargo net, Tarzan swing and more

6 element beginner course
~An adventure a little closer to the ground

3 ground level training challenges
~Staff instruct campers how to operate the belay system and navigate the park

The Aerial Adventure Park is one-of-a-kind, designed especially for our campers and the terrain at camp. 

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Inclusion as Support for All

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February is Jewish Disability and Inclusion Awareness Month. This article is the first in a series of four blog posts that will appear this month. Inclusion is an integral part of Camp Chi. We believe that these blog posts and guest authors will shine a light on why.

When I was growing up, Camp Chi was not just a place I went for the summer; it was the place I called home. While at camp, I learned the meaning of friendship, gained self-confidence, grew more independent and explored new activities, all things that prepared me for who I am today.

After nine months on the Chi year-round staff, I see even more clearly how my camper experience is so similar to the experiences of campers today. I recognize their pride of being at a place they love and call home. All campers,

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February News from the Chi Family!

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Chilly winter weather hasn’t stopped the Chi fam from doing amazing things. There’s been so much going on that’s it is hard for us to keep track of everyone’s accomplishments and milestones.

Olivia Litke was named as an Audubon School Start Student for Quarter 1. Olivia’s classmates notminated her for this honor because she is so helpful to others.

On a fun weekend visit to Indiana University, Mamph and Robbie Redman skunked Zach Auerbach and Nate Burstein at euchre! (We’re not sure how true this is, but it may have happened if only in Mamph’s dreams.)

Mazel tov to Noam Cohen! He celebrated his bar mitzvah with his brother a few weeks ago.

Zach Klein’s indoor soccer team won their league championship.

We’re starting to hear about more college decisions. The latest group of acceptances have our alums headed all over the country –

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Announcing TWO new Assistant Directors

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We asked our two new assistant directors only the essential questions to get ready for an awesome 2016! Read below to find out more about Matt Weiner and Joelle Kelenson and all the amazing things they bring to the Camp Chi team!


1. Where are you from/where did you grow up?

Joelle: I grew up just on the other side of the great lakes, in Montreal, Quebec (Canada).

Matt: I’m from bright sunny Los Angeles. I grew up there and then went to school in San Diego. Sprinkle in a year in Tel Aviv, and it’s like I was made specifically to live in Chicago right?!

2. Where is your favorite place to travel?

Joelle: My favourite place to travel is probably home, because I love to see my family and friends whenever I can.

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