8 Nights, 9 Candles of Chi

Posted December 17, 2014 by

For some, it might be hard to imagine what Hanukkah and Camp Chi have in common. For me, it’s easy – both use the symbols of flames and both are really special to me. At this time of year, I want to share my nine reasons, one for each candle on the menorah, that the Chi flame can burn so long inside each of us even on the coldest days in December.

Shamash- The Camp Chi family. All staff, campers, campers’ families and alumni make up a huge, dynamic network that is the Camp Chi family. We are scattered around the globe, but we don’t lose touch. When we go a long time without seeing each other, we are able to pick up just where we left off.

Candle 1- Our evening programs. Our counselors love creating amazingly fun and unique evening programs. In just my time at Chi,

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The Bonds of Friendship

Posted December 15, 2014 by
Becca and Hilary

The community at Camp Chi makes for a comfortable and friendly environment. Everyone there shares two common things, a respect for each other and a love for the place. Camp is so welcoming and inviting whether you’ve been there for many years or it is your first summer.

No matter what activity you are doing, either serious or silly, doing it with your friends makes it a blast! (It’s great to be with the staff too.) Whether it is a new friend made, or one you’ve known for years, you will leave camp with a new family of friends. The beauty and magic of Camp Chi truly come to life with the bonds and friendships that are created in it.

Rebecca Doman and Hilary Vickman, guest bloggers, cannot wait to be SITs this summer. Rebecca attends Glenbrook North High School and Hilary is a student at Evanston Township High School.

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Enter the JCC Photo Contest

Posted December 11, 2014 by

Did you take an awesome photo at camp this summer? Something that really captures your Camp Chi experience? A picture that makes you smile?

Submit your best photos to the JCC Association photo contest. The photographer of the winning pic will win $300.  You can find the entry form and other details on the JCC Association website.  Select JCC Chicago as your JCC affiliation. Make sure to submit your photos by December 31, 2014.

You can see past winning photos, including winning Chi pics from Jonah Grant and Abby Brown, here.

We can’t wait to see your Camp Chi moments.

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Registration Update

Posted December 9, 2014 by

We have had a phenomenal response to registration for summer 2015. In fact, the response to early registration was the largest it has been in ten years! Thank you to everyone who has already signed up for summer 2015. Many of our villages will soon move to wait lists.

Here’s an update of the sessions that are quickly filling:

  • Yeladim Bet Boys (4th/5th grades) – 2 weeks
  • Shoreshim Girls (4th/5th grades) – Session 1 and Session 2
  • Tsofim Girls (6th grade) – Session 2
  • Chalutzim Girls (7th grade) – Session 1 and Session 2
  • Chalutzim Boys (7th grade) – Session 2 
  • Habo Girls (8th grade) – Session 2
  • Pacific Northwest Adventure Trip (PNW) Only 2 spaces left!

After these programs fill, wait lists will form. We will open additional cabins once there is a sufficient number of campers on the wait list.

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Why We Return

Posted December 4, 2014 by

Why do we keep coming back to Camp Chi is a question our school friends ask us regularly. We can’t just give one answer to satisfy this question because there are too many factors that make camp truly amazing.

  1. The extensive supply of friends for a lifetime
  2. Camp Chi is our paradise, as well as a second home.
  3. We never lose the craving for camp food.
  4. We would much rather buy our candy from Canteen than any Target or Walgreens around.
  5. Sitting on the Noar deck, writing letters to the family and home that we don’t really miss, will always beat sitting at home finishing a season of a show on Netflix.

Most importantly, though, Camp Chi is our special, unique getaway and we wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Maya Kowitt and Melissa Reynish,

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