#nolostandfound: part 2

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It’s time for Part 2 of #nolostandfound ! In Part 1, we went over the importance of labeling all of your camper’s belongings so that they can easily keep track of everything. Now that everything is properly labelled, the real fun begins because it’s time to pack!

Part 2 - Packing With Your Camper

Packing with your camper is another great way to set them up for success because it gives them the opportunity to see exactly what’s coming to camp with them. We recommend having a duffle inventory (written or printed out list of all the items your camper is bringing to camp).  That way review the duffle inventory when it’s time to repack at the end of camp. Camp Chi has our very own Packing List that is based off years of experience (96 years to be exact!) that you can look at here. Our Packing List sets the amount of clothes for 10 days at camp, so it works no matter how long your camper will be at camp. When packing, you don’t have to follow our Packing List exactly because you know your camper and what they will and will not need at camp. Instead, use it as a guideline to help you and your camper pack!

We also have some tips to help you and your camper fit all those items into their bags. Believe it or not, folding clothes is actually better! We know it may come as a surprise to many campers, but folding is a good thing! When clothes are folded, they fit better into the duffel bags and on the shelves in the cabin, which helps everyone save space. Also, folding clothes helps keep everything more organized, which means no more lost items and no more lost and found! Another helpful tip is using large ziplock bags for smaller items like socks and underwear. Just fill the bags with the items and pack them right into your camper’s duffel bags. Once your camper is at camp, they can put the ziplock bags right onto their shelves and keep their smaller items in there. Some campers like taking the ziplock bag idea one step further, and pack all of their items into small plastic bins like these. You and your camper can organize all their items into the bins by category (such as shirts, shorts, socks, etc.), and pack the bins right into the duffle bags. Then when your camper is at camp, these bins can be put onto their shelves and keep their items in there all summer long. One last tip we have is to not bring expensive and cherished items at camp. If your camper would be upset if certain items, like electronics or cherished shirts, are broken or lost, they probably shouldn’t be brought to camp.

That’s all for Part 2, but you can find some more packing tips here. Remember to pack with your camper, and check in soon for Part 3 of #nolostandfound!

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