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Living in a cabin packed with your best friends and their belongings, it’s hard not to lose something. At the end of every summer, our minds are filled with great memories from camp, but our offices are filled with tons of lost and found items! As a staff, we admit that we haven’t done the best job of preventing this in the past. But we also realize it’s time to make a change.

At Camp Chi, we’re starting a new project: #nolostandfound . We’re going to change our ways, but we also need your help! Parents and campers alike, everyone is a vital part of #nolostandfound. The project is a three part campaign where Camp Chi is partnering with families to ensure that campers return home from camp with everything they came with. We’re going to start with Part 1 right now, but make sure you check here in the coming months for Parts 2 and 3.

Part 1: Labeling


The first part of #nolostandfound is about the importance of labeling EVERY item you send to camp. This includes labeling all clothing (even socks, shoes and underwear), accessories, bedding, water bottles, toiletries, towels, goggles, books, and anything else that is packed with your camper’s FIRST AND LAST NAME. It may sound a little excessive, but it’s the best way for campers to keep track of their belongings and the best way to return any misplaced items. By labeling ALL of your camper’s items, you are taking the first part to making sure that everything you send them with finds its way home.

Camp Chi partners with two different label companies, Mabel’s Labels & Label Daddy, to make sure that you get all the labels that you need. Both companies generously give back to the Chi Scholarship Fund, which provides financial assistance to families to allow campers to experience camp. As an added bonus, Label Daddy even offers label with the Camp Chi logo on it! You can find labels here: camps.mabelslabels.com and labeldaddy.com.

Labeling is a fantastic first step to ensure that your camper doesn’t lose anything, but it’s not the only part of #nolostandfound. Make sure you start labeling so that you’re ready for when we begin Parts 2 and 3. Also, you can find more tips about packing here.


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