JCC Camp Chi counselors rave about their fun, rewarding, life-changing summers.

From working at Camp Chi, I've gained a sense of empathy, compassion and patience. I've found myself connecting with more people, acting more crazy and feeling more happy than I thought was possible in any job setting.

-Dan R., Supervisor, United States

The staff become so close-knit and within a week of camp you've got at least 60 new mates. That in itself is exciting.

-Karina B., Specialist, Australia

I will forever take the experience I gained from teaching and hanging out with campers wherever I go. I learned more about teaching in two months at Camp Chi than I have in two years of education classes and in an environment that was much more enjoyable.

-Josh A., Specialist, United States

I am now sending a friend of mine from home to work at Camp Chi this summer. After my experience last summer, I told her that this is the best place on earth to spend the summer.

-Revital Z., Specialist, Israel

I've gained more confidence in myself and know that I can change someone's life. Being a great counselor impacts the campers so much. I know now that my campers look up to me and they know that I will always be there for them.

-Jessica A., Counselor, United States

Working at Camp Chi has given me the opportunity to learn about cultures spanning the world, make friends from countries I may never see and learn to live in a community where everyone shares the same goal: to create a place where kids can feel safe and have experiences that allow them to grow into their own people.

-Courtney R., Supervisor, United States

The skills you learn at camp are so important and are with you for life. Interacting and learning about so many different cultures was fantastic, I can't get enough of it.

-Chris R., Specialist, New Zealand

Chi becomes your second home. Everyone is accepted for who they are. The campers and other staff members are so outgoing and inviting. It is impossible not to make a friend at Chi. Right when you walk in, you get this warm feeling and you know that your summer will be amazing.

-Taylor B., Counselor, United States

Being a Chi staff member has helped me learn to balance both work and play. Camp is really hard work, but you have so much fun while you are doing it.

-Elizabeth C., Supervisor, United States